Managed AlienVault

powered by Vertek


AlienVault is Trusted by 7,000+ Customers

Unlike other SIEM software, AlienVault® Unified Security Management® (USM) combines powerful SIEM and log management capabilities with other essential security tools—including asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, and intrusion detection—to give you centralized security monitoring of your cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments–all from a single pane of glass.

Unlock the full potential of AlienVault® Unified Security Management™ (USM)

Since no two companies are alike, we can work with you to identify vulnerabilities, improve your security posture, and create compliance reporting specific to your needs

We can layer managed services on top of existing customer licensed AlienVault deployments, bundle AlienVault licenses into new customer deployments, or even takeover existing customer owned AlienVault licenses at renewal

Best of all, we can get you protected quickly, and for a simple monthly fee

Managed Threat Intelligence (MTI) powered by Vertek


Baseline inventory scanning and asset registration
Baseline vulnerability environment scanning
Baseline event correlation, tuning and alarm trimming
Basic threat dashboard and report creation
SIEM tuning
Vulnerability Scanning
Critical Asset Monitoring
Network IDS Monitoring
Cloud Monitoring
Alarm Monitoring
Alarm Analysis
Remediation Guidance
Lifecycle Management
Service Review
Security Review

Managed Threat Intelligence
Managed SIEM and SOCaaS
Baseline inventory scanning and asset registration : Included
Baseline vulnerability environment scanning : Included
Baseline event correlation, tuning and alarm trimming : Included
Basic threat dashboard and report creation : Advanced
SIEM tuning : Continuously
Vulnerability Scanning : Weekly
Critical Asset Monitoring : Included
Network IDS Monitoring : Included
Cloud Monitoring : Included
Alarm Monitoring : SOC Coverage
Alarm Analysis : Included
Remediation Guidance : Included
Lifecycle Management : Included
Service Review : Monthly
Security Review : Standard or Premium

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