CDK Global Ransomware Attack

CDK Global, a software solution used by auto dealerships across North America and Canada, suffered a recent cyberattack. The cyberattack occurred on June 19th, resulting in the shutdown of the company’s SAAS service. CDK Global has been a vital software solution for dealerships for around 50 years. Their software is known for providing modern retail experiences, increasing operational efficiency, offering innovative tools to drive profit, reduce workload, and simplify communication.

CDK Global serves approximately 15,000 auto dealerships, which means that these dealerships were unexpectedly left to figure out how to run their businesses these last few days without software. Many auto dealerships were forced to return to using pen and paper for sales, which severely slowed down operations. Unfortunately, these dealerships are the real victims of this cyberattack. Due to the operational slowdown, they have lost out on many potential sales.

The software solution company was a target of a cyberattack; BlackSuit is reportedly the group responsible for these cyberattacks. They targeted CDK Global using ransomware and demanded tens of millions of dollars to stop the significant outage. CDK Global plans to pay BlackSuit to restore services in the next few days.

It won’t be a surprise if more companies in the automotive industry become targets of cyberattacks, as auto dealerships carry a lot of important information that is appealing to cybercriminals.The urgent need for a proper ransomware solution is now more evident than ever for any business in the automotive industry. At Vertek we offer a ransomware solution that can help protect your business from ransomware. Our ransomMDR uses Halcyon’s anti-ransomware platform, D3’s Security Smart SOAR platform, and Vertek’s 24/7 security operations monitoring, alarm enrichment, and incident response service. Our ransomMDR solution focuses on four stages: pre-execution, exploitation, behavioral, and recovery + resilience. If you are interested in learning more about how to protect yourself and your business from a ransomware attack, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team here at Vertek!