Managed Threat Intelligence

All the benefits of a world-class SIEM, experts to configure and manage it, plus a Security Operations Center to monitor it 24×7

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Incident Preparation, Detection & Analysis, Containment & Post-Incident Activity

About MTI

A comprehensive IT security solution

MTI is a complete plug-in, actionable threat monitoring solution that puts enterprise-class security visibility and compliance reporting within easy reach of IT/ Compliance owners who need to do more with less. We provide organizations with continuous threat information and simplify regulatory compliance without having to buy, deploy, and manage multiple technology products and retain a staff of security analysts

Benefits of Vertek’s MTI Solution:

24/7 Protection

Vertek’s Security Operations Center, leveraging the AlienVault USM™ platform

IT Operational


Improved through security-oriented tools, processes, environmental awareness, and security guidance

Protects Infrastructure

On-premises, datacenter, cloud, mobile, and IoT devices

Reduce Expense and


Reduces upfront capital expense and offers predictable monthly operating expense and Auditor-friendly reporting

White-glove Service

Weekly vulnerability scans, human alarm/incident analysis, monthly reports and security review

Independent View

and Scale

Provides an independent view of your environment relative to security and scales as your business grows

About AlienVault:

Unlike other SIEM software, AlienVault® Unified Security Management® (USM) combines powerful SIEM and log management capabilities with other essential security tools—including asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, and intrusion detection—to give you centralized security monitoring of your cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments–all from a single pane of glass

According to the 2019 SIEM Survey Report by Cybersecurity Insiders;

report SIEM resulted in a reduction of security breaches
confirm SIEM improved their ability to detect threats
lack skilled staff to operate a SIEM platform effectively


SIEM Tuning

Noisy and non-security related events, alarm fatigue

Actionable Intelligence

Security orchestration and customization


Monitoring and reporting features not deployed or fully functional


Lack of time, insufficient staffing or coverage, lack of context

Improve your existing AlienVault deployment with a free consultation by a Vertek Certified Engineer


Identify tuning issues
and best practices


Evaluate your reporting analytics and capabilities


Learn best practices for OTX and advanced threat intelligence feeds


Discover how to improve your operational efficiencies

Break through the cost and complexity of protecting the business

Improve your defenses against advanced threats in the cloud and on premises

Scale your security and compliance efforts without complexity or hiring

Get started detecting and responding to security threats in days not months