Locky Now Pushing .Lukitus Variant – IoCs and OTX

Locky Now Pushing .Lukitus Variant - IoCs and OTX

Locky is being distributed at mass scale via phishing and spam email attacks by two major botnets; Necurs and BlankSlate. Both are pushing Locky with the two new known variants; Diablo6 and Lukitus. When infected with the ransomware, systems file will be encrypted with extension .diablo6 or .lukitus,respectively.

OTX updated: https://otx.alienvault.com/pulse/598b06a8104ee74f496a4691/

Example of .lukitus variant being distributed by Necurs botnet:


Example of lukitus variant being distributed by blankslate botnet. It is referred to as blankslate because the email has no subject or message body and it is usually a zipped attachment. In the example below it was actually double zipped.