Network Security: Where IT, Operations, and Compliance Meet

Network security threats can be managed with expert support from Vertek.

In your organization, who handles network security? In many organizations cybersecurity becomes the IT department’s responsibility, often by default – but in reality, it affects all operational aspects of your business. It’s been reported that, around the world, there are more than 2,200 cyber attacks1 every single day, which is one attack every 39 seconds. But this isn’t just an issue of data loss or privacy concerns.  Cyber attacks can cause businesses significant operational downtime, which can be costly and devastating. This year alone, United States businesses have fallen victim to 186 ransomware attacks, which racked up almost $21 billion2 in costs due to downtime alone.

Network security can’t be solved solely by the IT team, but neither can it be completely solved by your compliance team or your operations team. Security in your organization should be where IT, operations, and compliance meetand are supported by executive leadership. Because of the cross-departmental dependencies and complexity of cybersecurity issues, managed cybersecurity efforts through a trusted vendor can help your organization stay compliant, cyber aware, and secure. Vertek is one such trusted partner that provides customized telecom operations, cybersecurity, and managed services that help you detect, respond, and eliminate the threats and attacks to your business. Here’s how:

Security Technology

Vertek has a suite of threat detection tools (like the SIEM/IDS/vulnerability scanning), proprietary processes, and analytics that help pinpoint malicious activity and potential threats. We create and manage alarms, report on user activity and any unusual security events, create policy violation reports, and more. You can lean on our tools and expertise to make sure your security posture is optimized.

Security Operations

Vertek can help augment an existing security operation center (SOC) or can provide one for you. We track, review, report on, and communicate about all SOC activities on a monthly basis. What are considered SOC activities? Anything from security tickets, alarms, maintenance, incident response, service levels, any other activities specific to your organization’s security operations can be logged and tracked through Vertek’s client portal.


Vertek can help your organization with a third-party assessment and around-the-clock cybersecurity monitoring, which are both key elements of most compliance and regulatory initiatives. Tools, monitoring, and assessment evidence can be accessed on the Vertek client portal and advanced analytics dashboards. You can trust us to help you stay in compliance with various regulations including CMMC, FISMA, HIPAA, ISO 27001/2, and PCI.

Incident Reporting

Vertek’s incident reporting service helps organizations document critical security threats, attacks, malware outbreaks, data breaches, or significant security risks within the company. We provide templates to our clients for easy documentation and reporting which includes type of incident, perceived risks, severity, forensic analysis, research evidence, and any other specific event details related to the risk or threat. Our team can also provide technical analysis and remediation support for the incident if needed.

Try Vertek for Managed Detection and Response or Managed Threat Intelligence Services

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