Preventing Attacks on Your Network

Preventing Attacks on Your Network

It’s important to note that preventing attacks is becoming more and more involved due to threats being

targeted across verticals, and the wide array of attacks; such as crimeware and web attacks. As the

attacks get more and more complex, business security solutions needs to be up to par with the

complexity. Not only large businesses, but SMB’s need to be proactively taking a holistic approach

with their security plan, technologies and talent.


Many businesses assume they can manage their cybersecurity, compliance requirements, and

updating information technologies in house without certified security experts. Typically, this is more

prevalent in small medium businesses as large corporations express a constant need for Managed

Security Service Providers (MSSP). Due to the majority of SMB’s lacking continuous monitoring and

threat detection, SMB’s need to start taking a more holistic approach to their security plans in place. It

is important to understand and not overlook the fact that these requirements do not discriminate. If

you are a small or a large business the same requirements apply.


Network security, compliance, modeling and performance require full time professionals with the ability

to keep up on thousands of connections and changes. Businesses should focus on internal practices

and provide written documents to team leaders, outlining best practices in the event of security

breaches or data theft, illustrating to their employees the impacts on their networks.

Leave compliance and security to those who specialize in cybersecurity. Using an outside company

adds one of the most important aspects in preventing attacks, visibility.


Network visibility across your organization cannot be accomplished effectively or efficiently without the

proper people, processes and technologies in place. Vertek® specializes in these areas using a

Cybersecurity operations Center (CSOC) staffed with certified Security Engineers; each with a

particular skillset that create an important and complete network security cycle, including compliance.

Vertek® is known for their business processes and analytics in place. Providing cutting edge

technologies allows Vertek® to provide the holistic security approach organizations need.