Of course you’ve built a security stack to control network traffic, authenticate users, check for viruses and malware, but does all that technology work together to show real threats?

A SIEM is a Security Information Event Management system that collects and aggregates outputs from multiple log sources in order to provide better visibility into an organization’s security posture.  The SIEM allows the security engineer to cross-correlate events from critical log sources (e.g. firewalls, servers, switches, etc.) to detect threats and decrease the amount of time a malicious adversary may be in/on a network.

We manage and monitor SIEM in 12+ industry verticals today

Unlock the full potential of a SIEM

We specialize in…

Incident Detection

Tuning noisy and non-security related events that cause alarm fatigue

Automated Response

Deploying security orchestration and custom threat detection

Security Compliance

Monitoring and reporting, generating evidence artifacts for auditors

Security Resources

Active SIEM hunting,  security alarm analysis and remediation guidance

Top reasons why organizations leverage Vertek

→ I need dedicated security focus, visibility and analytics
→ I need help managing the “flood” of security events
→ I need to hire security expertise to augment existing staff
→ I need an independent view relative to security and risk
→ I need assistance meeting regulatory or compliance requirements
→ I need to detect non-compliance violations, system or service audit failures
→ I need to develop Cyber Incident and Response (IR) capabilities in weeks not months

All the benefits of a world-class SIEM, experts to configure and manage it, plus a Security Operations Center to monitor it 24×7


Managed Threat Intelligence (MTI) powered by Vertek


Baseline inventory scanning and asset registration
Baseline vulnerability environment scanning
Baseline event correlation, tuning and alarm trimming
Basic threat dashboard and report creation
SIEM tuning
Vulnerability Scanning
Critical Asset Monitoring
Network IDS Monitoring
Cloud Monitoring
Alarm Monitoring
Alarm Analysis
Remediation Guidance
Lifecycle Management
Service Review
Security Review

Managed Threat Intelligence
Managed SIEM and SOCaaS
Baseline inventory scanning and asset registration : Included
Baseline vulnerability environment scanning : Included
Baseline event correlation, tuning and alarm trimming : Included
Basic threat dashboard and report creation : Advanced
SIEM tuning : Continuously
Vulnerability Scanning : Weekly
Critical Asset Monitoring : Included
Network IDS Monitoring : Included
Cloud Monitoring : Included
Alarm Monitoring : SOC Coverage
Alarm Analysis : Included
Remediation Guidance : Included
Lifecycle Management : Included
Service Review : Monthly
Security Review : Standard or Premium

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