Solid Reasons to Outsource vs. Insource

Solid Reasons to Outsource vs. Insource

Escalating and Evolving Fear/Events

  • It’s clear that we are all targeted
  • Multiple attack vectors are in play
  • Attack surfaces will only grow
  • Cybersecurity solutions need to be robust

Regulations & Compliance

  • Do not discriminate and continue to evolve
  • Many Organizations cannot patch operating systems on critical assets due to device certification requirements
  • Owners of IT and Compliance need to streamline audit and report capabilities

Need to Manage Costs

  • Better budget utilization
  • Need to fill security control gaps
  • Inadequate funding
  • Understaffed IT
  • Need better visibility to make decisions

Talent Shortage

  • “Cybersecurity Workforce shortage to reach 1.5 M by 2019…..” Michael Brown, CEO at Symantec
  • Numerous opportunities for security professionals
  • Many employers are competing for the same resource pool