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Data Analytics

The continued exponential growth in the amount of data that communications and enterprise organizations gather on a daily basis from customers, suppliers, retailers and social media needs to be analyzed quickly and correctly in order to detect new trends and possible threats from within their markets. Competitive advantage can be achieved by gaining near real-time insights into your business, and adjusting course with revised goals and strategies accordingly.


Vertek quickly moves our clients into a competitive advantage within rapidly and ever-evolving technology and market conditions. We can help you improve processes and optimize changes to reduce costs, improve customer services and increase revenue. Identifying gaps and discrepancies in data reveals root cause issues that can be addressed with efficient and effective corrective actions and process changes.

Big data is delivering unprecedented volumes of seemingly disparate data that, when effectively analyzed and leveraged, can enable you to be the first to spot trends and developments that are agents of change, and provide opportunities for improved customer experience and increased market share.


  • Conduct “Big Data” analytics to deliver actionable business intelligence
  • Capture and document current processes to understand and align data flows between systems and groups
  • Establish proactive data probing strategy required to evaluate and deliver results
  • Work with client to understand and enhance business rules and situations
  • Conduct data audits
  • In-depth assessments through front-end system data analysis
  • Large scale analysis using disparate sources in bulk data format (files, databases)
  • Statistical sampling approach as well as holistic in-depth data assessments
  • Extrapolate results based on business rules and actual results identified; conduct what-if situations
  • Create a 360-degree analysis
  • Find discrepancies in data and correct them

Common Uses

  • Analyze data, gain new insights and revise goals and strategies accordingly
  • Identify root cause issues quickly to allow for corrective actions and processes to be established
  • Test assumptions and hypotheses
  • Results from data analysis used to substantiate or build applicable business cases
  • Identification and clean-up of data integrity areas impacting system and/or product performance
  • Uncover root causes for data corruption
  • Analytical results allow for impact analysis study to be completed, allowing for prioritization of activities
  • Understand financial impacts (ARPU, margins, true revenue/costs, etc.)

Some specific examples include:

    • Contract implementation and renewal analysis
    • Sold revenue to billed revenue analysis to identify root causes related to revenue gaps
    • Commission analysis of pending and paid commissions for accuracy
    • Maintenance ticket analysis providing insight into issues, root causes and impact to customer experience
    • System data integrity and clean-up
    • Revenue assurance analysis to understand impacts to financials and drive corrective actions and overall performance
    • Product, customer or platform migration planning and prioritization

Value to You

  • Improve processes and integrate change to reduce costs, improve customer services and increase revenue
  • Quickly analyze floods of Big Data and detect new trends or developments that substantiate change with supporting data
  • Achieve a higher level of data integrity and realize associated benefits
  • Reduce future risks and associated costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction


  • Skilled professional data analytics staff with relevant business experience
  • Complex telecom modeling experience across many clients and associated data models, processes and systems
  • Provide fresh and objective perspectives
  • Highly responsive, flexible and nimble to meet rapidly changing needs of our clients
  • Proven methodologies that deliver results