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Data Integrity

Trusted data is the backbone of your success. Without confidence in your data you can’t profitably operate and grow your business. OSS sources of data such as contracts, order management, inventory, service delivery and billing are business-critical. You need the ability to quickly determine data quality within and between systems, identify and correct data gaps and identify and address root cause elements in order to have an integrated, reliable and healthy database.


Vertek brings a skilled team of data analysts in combination with sophisticated analytical tools to eliminate risks due to converting, consolidating or migrating complex enterprise-scale data. Identification of sources of mission-critical data, cleanup and synchronization of data and reporting services ensure the highest level of data integrity across your company. Vertek’s Data Integrity solution is a proven ROI generator.


  • Assess and plan system migrations and upgrades
  • Determine overall data quality within/between systems
  • Identify existing sources of critical data required for quality assessment
  • Transfer contract, order management, inventory, billing or other operational support systems (OSS) records to a new repository
  • Verify duplications, errors and examination of data design through statistical data sampling
  • Clean and synchronize data
  • Prioritize data source hierarchy/definition of business rules and application during migration

Common Uses

  • Utilize data diagnostic tools, automated processing, reporting, workflow management and analysis
  • Select dispositions and work queues based on pre-set criteria (workload volume, management hierarchy)
  • Provide web-based reporting and unique quality of information (QOI) analytics to gain immediate visibility into work-in-progress, process logic, workflow exception handling and ongoing performance
  • Develop data migration roadmap, dependencies and pre-requisites

Value to You

  • Provides quick and efficient system migrations and upgrades while enhancing data integrity
  • Delivers accurate, reliable and cost-effective extraction, validation and transfer of vital enterprise data
  • Enables comprehensive identification of data discrepancies and an efficient workflow process for reconciliation
  • Provides timely insights into the scope, scale and disposition of data integrity issues
  • Establishes benchmarks for ongoing monitoring, KPI measurement and root cause resolution
  • Minimizes future data issues in contract management, service delivery, inventory, billing or other critical OSS sources of data


  • Proven ability to routinely deliver a positive ROI
  • Comprehensive understanding of communication processes, systems and data (end-to-end perspective)
  • Domain content, context expertise and detailed reporting
  • Advanced tools
  • Client involvement in all aspects of decision-making process to save time, money and rework
  • Highly responsive, flexible and nimble to meet rapidly changing needs of our clients