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Data Migration

A number of conditions or events can cause a business to migrate data from one or more systems or databases to another destination.


It is essential to define a clear path for the successful migration of this data from such legacy systems to a new target system such as CRM, inventory and billing. It is necessary to establish a high level of data integrity before the migration, and ensure that data integrity and functionality is preserved during the migration to a new system in order to maintain high quality and achieve a successful migration.

Vertek’s Data Migration services leverage years of telecom back office and Big Data experience to understand the data and the best way to maintain data integrity, while performing the technical migration. Whether or not data can be systematically migrated, our sampling and testing processes allow you to better understand the impacts, dependencies and risks associated with data migration plans and goals.


  • Identification of dependencies and pre-migration requirements
  • Define source and target data models
  • Target system and development of proposed roadmap, phases and dependencies
  • Profile gap analysis between relevant systems (e.g. billing and) structures
  • Complete random statistical sampling, testing of migration methodologies and identifying factors
  • Perform data migration while maintaining data integrity
  • Project management of data migration with clients
  • Post migration assessments and validations

Common Uses

  • Ensure quality of data migrations required due to acquisitions, upgrades and business evolution
  • Scoping and definition, assessment of all data and systems required to build a migration strategy
  • Determine whether full data migration can be achieved
  • Assess migration cost and viability as part of acquisition due diligence
  • Complete data migrations for numerous customer scenarios

Value to You

  • Determines feasibility of data migration
  • Provides quick and efficient system migrations and upgrades while enhancing data integrity
  • Provides timely reporting and analytics on migration performance and risk identification and prediction


  • A proprietary, structured approach in defining data migration plans
  • Successful track record of executing complex migrations within timelines, budgets and with excellent quality
  • Proven testing methodologies to ensure full data migration can be achieved prior to any change
  • Quality checking and focus throughout execution