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Field Services Coordination

The moment of truth for telecommunications providers is in the final step of delivery to the Customer. Field service personnel must show up at the Customer location to complete the final actions required before billing can begin. If there is an issue those same individuals need to resolve it. Managing these resources in a cost effective and efficient way without compromising performance is essential for profitability and maintaining high levels of Customer satisfaction.


Vertek coordinates an efficient, highly responsive end-to-end approach nationwide that will help you to improve your processes and reduce costs while improving customer service satisfaction and increasing revenue. These solutions are flexible and responsive to meet your rapidly changing needs.


  • Manage all aspects of ordering and installing telecom services at end user site(s)
  • Coordinate dispatches, truck rolls and order fulfillment logistics
  • Provide operations and technical support during installations (i.e. test & turn-up for broadband, VOIP, fax, wireless/4G back-up, etc.)
  • Provide extensive testing and troubleshooting of new service
  • Direct assessment and recommendations for installation procedures

Common Uses

  • Provide an integrated solution suite for network migrations and order management in partnership with third party field service vendors.
  • Deliver efficient end-to-end approach for turn-key installations and overall customer satisfaction

Value to You

  • Tight integration between Vertek Order Management and network migration services
  • Ability to provide operations, tools and expertise to any geographically dispersed customer base
  • On-time and successful completion of each installation
  • Extensive footprint, low overhead and sophisticated automation ensures value
  • Root cause analysis for failed truck rolls drive improved process changes
  • Ability to scale for bubbles of activities and long duration service calls


  • Help clients improve process and integrate change to reduce costs, improve customer services and increase revenue
  • Clear focus on end-to-end lifecycle continuum
  • Highly responsive, flexible and nimble to meet rapidly changing needs of our client
  • Experienced with multiple third party field service operations as well as direct customer resources