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Order Handling

Order Handling is a critical component of service delivery and poses a number of challenges. Vertek has developed a full range of project management, complex order placement, provisioning services and process optimization solutions that address these challenges. Our experienced team of order provisioning specialists can show you how to lower your overall ordering costs while affording you a pay as you grow” investment model that will serve your company now and into the future. With a typical reduction in provisioning costs by 10-30%, shorter ordering cycles, higher quality and ongoing predictability, you’ll find the ROI for these services to be significant.



  • A full range of project management, complex order placement and provisioning services and process optimization from pre-sales to invoicing including:
    • Sales, product, access and change ordering
    • Customer advocacy and touch point management
  • Support for all telecom and associated voice, data and cloud services including Ethernet, all access options and SIP trunking
  • Customizable service packages for rapid order creation, placement and validation
  • Optimization, documentation and management of ordering processes, enabling you to take ordering in-house at a later date

Common Uses

  • Offload complex ordering functions to experienced personnel to drive focus and results
  • Augment existing team to leverage on-demand resources to process transactions when higher volumes become significant
  • Isolate problem areas of order handling and re-engineer for performance

Value to You

  • Vertek Order Handling Services enable you to focus on core business functions including sales and marketing efforts
  • Utilize Vertek internal resources only or augment your existing staff to account for peak periods
  • Mitigate unpredictable volume risk
  • Simple introduction of complex/new services into existing provisioning systems
  • Stay ahead of the rapidly evolving, competitive communications marketplace
  • Control internal provisioning costs; typical reduction in provisioning costs by 10-30%
  • Achieve: shorter order cycle; fewer entry errors; lower cost per order
  • Quick end-customer turn-ups to improve satisfaction ratings and cash flow
  • Removal of rework costs and inefficiencies
  • Reduced order backlogs for improved revenue, collections and customer satisfaction
  • Cost savings on staffing overhead
  • Optimized order processing systems and high efficiency
  • Experienced provisioning specialists on-demand
  • Enable focus of selling services and building customer relationships vs. managing back-office systems
  • Flexibility to add or remove services quickly
  • Turn-key and transactional pricing models
  • Advanced IP and domain service experience (CCNA)


  • Vertek brings technical competence, knowledge of your business and financial viability
  • Access to state-of-the-art systems and services that are continuously optimized and upgraded.
  • Vertek’s Order Management Software is a critical element that, in addition to any client systems, provides an enhanced level of order management
  • Vertek’s in-house provisioning talent pool has extensive experience in simple to complex services and the most recent methods and procedures for order handling