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Project Management

Effective project management is mission-critical for a wide range of your business activities. Whether you are focused on continuous improvement projects, increasing customer satisfaction scores or implementing complex services and converged solutions – applying effective project management principles will shorten timelines, lower costs and increase quality.


Vertek applies Project Management Institute (PMI) principles within our centralized project management team (CAPM, PMP) to ensure that projects meet or exceed expectations. Our highly responsive, flexible and agile approach will accommodate your rapidly changing needs. Our domain experience and customer experience focus will help you to deliver superior customer satisfaction.


  • End-to-end project planning, scheduling and ownership for large client projects to include:
  • Customer coordination
  • Internal resources/stakeholders – service fulfillment
  • Vendor coordination
  • Equipment coordination
  • Activation management
  • Establish a Project Plan for each project/customer including start/end dates, key milestones and owners
  • Set expectations, communications and ownership of project elements
  • Constant monitoring and project status back to internal management and stakeholders

Common Uses

  • Facilitate service activation processes
  • Manage kick-off to outline roles and responsibilities, scope, timelines and reporting
  • Collect relevant data from client sales and customer on number of sites involved in the project
  • Manage key information, key milestones, dates and other necessary tracking information critical to key stakeholders
  • Manage key customer communications
  • Manage vendors as appropriate
  • “Go-to” resource for large project coordination and continuity
  • Understand scope and details of project

Value to You

  • Vertek applies Project Management Institute (PMI) principles
  • Ensures service delivery meets or exceeds expectations via proactive management
  • Superior customer satisfaction by meeting expectations
  • Continuous improvement of systems and dates
  • Ideal for complex services and converged solutions


  • Centralized project management team with domain experience and customer experience focus
  • Highly responsive, flexible and nimble to meet rapidly changing needs of our clients