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One of the more time consuming activities CSP’s, MSPs, and the communications and IT groups within enterprises face is the complex determination of service availability and associated pricing for carrier services. Obtaining and organizing this quoting information in a timely fashion is critical to winning new business or optimizing your network.


Vertek’s robust SaaS Quoting tool and associated quoting service have proven invaluable in solving the wide range of quoting challenges that our clients face. By turning around your quotations more quickly and correctly, your business will achieve a distinct competitive edge. Having a single source with depth of experience in qualifying and quoting carrier services will simplify your operations and improve accuracy. This will decrease time and costs of quoting, freeing your resources for higher margin activities.

Key Features

  • SaaS based Quoting tool
  • Connected with over 30 carriers in North America
  • Customizable service package to solve various quoting challenges
  • Address validation
  • Robust serviceability, scalability and pricing for proposal development
  • Bulk upload of multiple site deal information
  • Quote a full range of voice and data services from traditional LECs, CLECs, Aggregators and multi-system operators (MSOs)
  • Product catalog module
  • Carrier Contract Data module
  • Optional manual quoting desk to handle all non-automated essentials covering all of North America

Common Uses

  • Incorporate specific contract and serviceability data into the quoting process
  • Determine service availability and associated pricing for carrier services
  • Determine what is available at all customer locations in order to understand which services are best for your customer, or enterprise based on the managed services they are interested in
  • Define for you or your customer all the cost elements for those services that are contracted to determine the accurate cost for requested services
  • Decide which of the services planned to contract for are actually available at every address, and whether the service can be gotten if it is ordered

Value to You

  • Increased accuracy in determining service availability and associated pricing
  • Turn quotations more quickly and accurately to win more business
  • Reduce internal resources devoted to time-consuming, often non-continuous functions
  • Decrease time and costs by streamlining and automating telecom contracting and loop qualification
  • Obtain information in a timely fashion that is critical to winning the business and/or optimizing a network
  • Close more deals by more quickly understanding a broader set of options
  • Single source of qualification and quoting information keeps things simple and improves accuracy


  • Speed and accuracy of qualification and quoting
  • Automation tools to query directly into carrier application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Ancillary tools that automate communication with carriers who do not have an API