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Reconciliation Center

CSPs, MSPs and Enterprise Data Communications teams typically must manage complex, fast moving infrastructures. Many of these organizations conduct their own analytics to identify issues surrounding the integrity of their various types of data. These clients engage Vertek’s Reconciliation Center to implement corrective actions and apply the fixes that address identified discrepancies.


Other organizations also engage Vertek to conduct different types of data audits in order to identify and understand additional issues or problems. They then apply appropriate corrective actions on their own behalf. In either scenario, the end goal is for our clients to achieve a higher level of data integrity and find and apply corrective actions.

Vertek’s data analyst team brings an outside perspective and a wealth of experience in various client systems and processes to our clients. This experience base enables us to quickly spot discrepancies, uncover root causes, recommend corrective actions and apply fixes. The result is a set of data and processes that you can trust, enabling you to make better business decisions and realize value.


  • Clients who conduct their own analytics to identify issues can engage Vertek to:
    • Perform detailed discrepancy investigations
    • Implement corrective actions in processes
    • Apply appropriate fixes in systems or back end databases to address discrepancies
    • Conduct different types of data audits to understand and identify additional issues or problems
    • Maintain and manage dispute and settlements
  • Vertek can focus efforts by analyzing data to identify issues and root causes with financial impact to:
    • Prioritize target corrections in order of greatest impact
    • Execute corrective actions performed within client systems to maintain client processes
    • Validate new processes, systems changes and data updates

Common Uses

  • Engage Vertek to work with you to understand your business rules and situation
  • Create necessary audits, find discrepancies and correct them to ensure integrity
  • Provide feedback on enhancements to client processes to reduce and eliminate future discrepancies
  • Confirm or disprove hypothetical concerns through data audits

Value to You

  • Quickly achieve a higher level of data integrity and realize associated benefits
  • Flexible talent that can be applied to many different types of data and business issues


  • Experienced data analyst team with broad understanding of client systems and processes across the back office continuum
  • Proven successes for customer for over 25 years