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The competitive telecommunications marketplace continues to evolve. Companies such as yours are compelled to grow their businesses through aggressive sales of new and existing products and services. Sales organizations must be focused on the acquisition of new customers and the retention of existing customers. And with the demands from an ever savvier end user base and more aggressive sales quotas, the challenges for your sales organization are considerable.


Unfortunately, non-revenue generating activities are often required of a telecom sales organization as well, and can be diversionary and constrain sales personnel from doing what they do best – selling.

Vertek can help. With a flexible, project-based suite of sales services we’re able to manage sales migrations, sales retention, pre- and post-sales support and sales analysis. As a result, we can enable your sales personnel to spend more time with customers and secure incremental revenue.


  • Pre- and post-sales support
  • Service migration – up-sells and cross-sells
  • Customer network renewal(s) sales
  • Sales analytics

Common Uses

  • Offload your sales team for them to spend more time on revenue-producing functions
  • Cross-sell and up-sell existing customers to new products and services
  • Manage service renewals
  • Assist in pre-sales support activities
  • Perform “sales responsibility” during post-sales implementation
  • Gain visibility into sales performance and the correlations between recognized revenue and sales objectives, commissions and forecasts
  • Analyze sales process to identify barriers to revenue
  • Compare sales performance against revenue objectives, product mix and retention versus acquisition
  • Analyze booking trends, sales opportunity data and sales effectiveness

Value to You

  • Increase revenue by enabling greater focus on network renewals can be locked in without involving your sales staff
  • Accurate and extensive project tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs) providing valuable sales analytics for continuous improvement
  • Proven strategies and execution of sales services for increased customer satisfaction and retention rates
  • Clarify whether commissions are handled properly
  • Gain greater visibility into sales performance
  • Tie sales and revenue gap to root cause areas
  • In-depth root cause analysis for specific accounts and opportunities that exceed acceptable levels


  • Proven partner who will integrate with all stakeholder groups to ensure collaboration
  • Dedicated sales support team experienced in customer advocacy, contracting and order placement through to provisioning
  • Sales analytics team combines business and data intelligence to piece together disparate information
  • Provide enhanced visibility and analysis of booking trends, sales opportunity data and sales team’s overall effectiveness