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Service Assurance

Once services are in the hands of customers it is not only up to all CSPs and MSPs to make sure the customer is receiving the best possible experience, but, even more basic, they must make sure the customer is continually able to consume the service for which they are paying.


Service Assurance is the functional equivalent of proactively monitoring networks to ensure issues are corrected prior to customer impact. It is also the area that is contacted about customer issues and employs the necessary tactics to resolve the issues and put the customer back into service.

Vertek assists service assurance organizations, including NOC operations, in performing key functions or process areas to offload internal resources. Also Vertek can independently evaluate and consult in this area to optimize and enhance the Service Assurance delivery.


  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) of Network Operations Center (NOC) activities complementing an internal team
  • NOC Operations Optimization and design; organization, human assets, systems, and process
  • Analytics of outage and performance data to determine areas of concern, historically and predictive

Common Uses

  • Segmentation of activities to align skill sets with complexity of problems
  • Expansion/consolidation of NOC due to acquisition
  • Support new services rollout with build, operate, improve and transfer BPO engagement
  • NOC alignment related to the consolidation of multivendor networks into an efficient next generation network
  • Leverage data analytics to identify root cause issues and support ongoing improvement of service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Improve Customer experience

Value to You

  • Improved processes for incident and problem management
  • Cleaner product launches
  • Better customer experience and customer satisfaction with effective SLA management
  • Risk mitigation when scaling resources and from geographic placement
  • Elimination of upstream contributory issues


  • Skilled professionals with breadth of back office experience
  • Proven results from past experiences and delivery
  • Breadth of experience across several clients
  • Independent and objective perspectives
  • Highly responsive, flexible and nimble to meet rapidly changing needs of our clients
  • Proven methodologies that deliver results