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Systems and Process Testing

Accelerating the time it takes to optimize operations, introduce new systems and bring new products to market is a goal shared by most CSPs, MSPs and even Enterprises. But first to market often doesn’t guarantee success, rapid growth or an enhanced reputation. Your products and delivery also need to be well designed, developed and tested.


Vertek can handle the testing of your new day-to-day back and front office business processing services, freeing up your internal resources to focus on and streamline the development of reliable new products. In addition, if you decide to design your own processes or system modifications, having an experienced and objective partner like Vertek involved in the testing can provide a higher success rate.


  • Business process and software quality assurance
  • User Acceptance Test planning and execution
  • Results tracking (% pass/fail)
  • Feedback on lessons learned
  • Manage release of product or service
  • Testing/modeling
  • Controlled introduction (CI) planning and operational support

Common Uses

  • Engage in client’s operational support systems (OSS) development lifecycle for new product roll-outs and/or application enhancements
  • Acceleration of launch intervals
  • Optimize and introduce methods and procedures (M&P) and training materials
  • Deliver a focused and methodical approach to ensuring a higher degree of quality in OSS applications and associated business processes for the business end user
  • Coordinates various stakeholder organizations and IT teams for planning and execution phases

Value to You

  • More timely delivery of higher quality tools and processes
  • Reduce costs associated with defect resolution and rework
  • Identify pre-launch issues and missed requirements
  • Validate new functionality against original business requirement
  • Manage and capture results to identify defects and enhancements to systems and processes
  • Smoother integration and adoption by end-users
  • Achieve productivity and efficiency gains through identification of future process and tool enhancements
  • Vertek management of overall product or service release on your behalf


  • Vertek has depth of experience in CI operational planning and User Acceptance Testing
  • Optimization and implementation experience is a foundational strength of Vertek consultants
  • Vertek understands the operational view of the user
  • Vertek consultants have practical “hands-on” experience