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Business Process Management

Businesses today are undergoing increasing pressure to do more with less. Daily choices must be made on what is most important and must get done and what can wait. All too often, updating process documentation, process change control and the communication of process changes is put off until tomorrow. The final goal – put in place a business process management solution to smoothly implement new changes.


Vertek Business Process Management is a service that can assume responsibility for managing all aspects of process control. We will provide a consistent framework, central repository, a mechanism for change and a rigorous communication methodology.


  • Review and optimize Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)
  • Process repository
  • Process change control Role management
  • Standardized term library
  • Historical archiving
  • Process optimization
  • Process Modeling

Common Uses

  • Organization of business processes
  • Preparation and solution for attaining and maintaining key certifications such as SSAE16 and ISO or financial compliance, such as Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Offload process responsibilities to allow greater focus on other areas
  • Establish a strong and reliable process baseline to model and affect future change
  • Ability to quickly model proposed process changes
  • Keeps the focus on Continuous Process Improvement (CPI)

Value to You

  • Ongoing compliance with intended and designed processes
  • Enable more rapid change when issues are encountered
  • Expedited training of new personnel
  • Enables communication between Business organizations and the IT organization
  • Mitigation of risk due to lack of process


  • Highly experienced team in the area of process management
  • Optimization and implementation experience is our foundation strength
  • Experienced data analyst team with broad understanding of client systems and processes
  • Highly responsive, flexible and nimble to meet rapidly changing needs of our clients
  • Over 25 years of telecom domain experience with a thorough understanding of telecom nuances