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Business Requirements Creation

These days it is important that companies continue to bring new and innovative products to market quickly and efficiently in order to stay competitive. But equally important is the need to analyze existing business systems and processes to determine whether any weak links or gaps exist in capabilities, functionality and overall systems architecture.


In either case, Vertek’s Business Requirements Creation Service is prepared to help you develop a well-grounded launch plan that outlines the areas of impact that will require attention to support or enhance changes in products or services. For those elements that will be impacted, we can create, socialize and attain sign-off on the business requirements that will enable a successful launch and create greater business value.

Vertek is the only solutions partner that can support Communications Service Providers (CSPs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Enterprises at the pace their business is changing. Disciplined focus on telecommunications business and technology means that our team can support you in quickly developing and commercializing transformative products and solutions.


  • Assess and identify impacted organizations, processes and systems relative to strategic change (e.g. Product Launch)
  • Assess requirements for end user or customer alignment
  • Develop business requirements to support new products or desired operations support system (OSS) capabilities
  • Assess specific systems for capabilities and/or functionality not utilized
  • Identify and prioritize overall systems architecture gaps

Common Uses

  • Preparation for new product or service launch
  • Operations interval reduction
  • Transformation projects
  • Impact assessments to organizational change
  • Preparation for major system implementation

Value to You

  • Quantify benefits, costs and risks in support of business case
  • Significant reduction of implementation risk
  • Leverage existing systems for new products
  • Coordination with vendors for RFI/RFP program management
  • Provide a bridge between Operations and IT Development – we speak both languages
  • Deliver the results, the impact and the talent you require
  • Objective and fresh perspective


  • Experienced and proven business analyst team proficient at requirements
  • “Perform” key elements of the process which provides us greater insight into reality
  • Tool agnostic – we can work with any client tools (Remedy, Salesforce, etc)
  • Past learnings are fed back into Vertek approaches and leveraged forward
  • Clear focus on end-to-end lifecycle continuum
  • Highly responsive, flexible and nimble to meet rapidly changing needs of our clients
  • Over 25 years of telecom domain experience