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Customer Experience Management

The future of your company depends upon building a resilient and valuable brand. Closely aligning customer expectations with customer experiences ensures that you have Brand Integrity, which is the cornerstone of successful customer relationships.


You need to have visibility into root cause issues and processes that lead to brand misalignment and disappointed customers. Negative customer experience results in high levels of churn, slowed revenue growth and existing and/or new products not meeting unit, revenue or penetration forecasts. Customer acquisition costs are higher with a diminished brand.

Vertek Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, with a focus on operations, ensure that you are optimizing each customer touch point by having the right internal processes and systems. Clients gain visibility into trends impacting churn and are provided models built to track high risk customers. With Vertek CEM, you’ll ensure brand alignment and customer experience optimization, increasing lifetime customer value.


  • Assess or validate client CEM program
  • Construct customer journey mapping
  • Provide analytics for CEM capabilities based on existing data
  • Baseline current CEM metrics required to assess future progress
  • Establish alignment between customer touch points and internal processes and optimize process flows
  • Develop system recommendations in support of CEM initiatives
  • Ongoing support, measurement and enhancement of CEM initiatives

Common Uses

  • Review customer experience through entire customer lifecycle and map touch points
  • Assess availability of customer data and CEM analytics (CSAT, NPS, etc.)
  • Analyze customer data for development of an enhanced customer experience
  • Develop and implement employee and management CEM focused performance metrics
  • Implement changes, training and communications plans
  • in support of new customer experience
  • Implement customer lifecycle revenue monitoring to assess and correlate CEM implementation ROI

Value to You

  • Gain visibility into trends impacting churn and address them proactively
  • Receive models to track high risk customers and information enabling you to implement mitigation
  • Continuous review and assessment of CEM ensures ongoing commitment and progress
  • Independent and objective view of CEM reality


  • Proven methodologies in the area of CEM
  • Breadth of experience from multiple engagements
  • Business intelligence experts
  • Proven expertise in customer journey mapping
  • Highly responsive, flexible and nimble to meet rapidly changing needs of our clients