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Network Optimization

Operators of WANs (wide area networks) can find themselves in the position of having a large number of disparate providers or a large inventory of network circuits. Over investing in your WAN can be avoided with the right investigation and analysis. Business transitions, such as acquisitions, can also spur the need to evaluate your WAN infrastructure.


Vertek can lead you through our proprietary Network Optimization process that will rationalize your data and network assets. Through this rationalization as well as supplier and bill consolidation we can help you reduce recurring costs and provide you with more transparency and accuracy with respect to your WAN infrastructure.


  • WAN network inventory assessment and reconciliation with other data sources
  • Off-net grooming by re-quoting with multiple carriers with potential innovation options
  • Cost-Benefit and Cost-Effective analysis
  • Project and migration management

Common Uses

  • Entities looking to reduce costs that have large inventory of network circuits, Voice and Data being provided by one too many providers
  • Entities looking to clean up and consolidate network inventory while looking to prepare for acquisition or asset due diligence by a potential acquirer
  • Entities looking to outsource the execution of large-scale service migrations or new service rollouts

Value to You

  • Accurate inventory data and network asset discovery
  • Significant monthly recurring cost savings
  • Potential supplier and bill consolidation
  • Greater transparency and accuracy that increase credibility with potential acquirers


  • Breadth of knowledge, data and contract information from over 450 carriers in North America.
  • Ability to execute and deliver results as outlined in the business case
  • Robust quoting tools to accelerate the analysis
  • Breadth of experience in optimization assessments