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Strategic Scalability Planning

Your goal is to create business value through scale and you need to be in a position to scale with confidence. You need to assess existing operational processes, systems, organizations and personnel, and identify gaps that could potentially impede the smooth growth of your company. A roadmap and operational recommendations must be developed to deliver short term efficiencies and lay the groundwork for the creation of future methods of operation. Vertek can help you safely grow your business by leveraging the most innovative, cost-effective means. We’ll show you ways to expand your services and boost financial performance while we help you correct inefficiencies and define an organizational structure that can evolve as you grow.



  • Assess end-to-end operational processes, systems, organizational changes and personnel for scaling the business
  • Leverage TMForum Frameworx (eTOM, TAM,SID) and ITIL standards in delivering consulting services
  • Assess network operations, billing, engineering, customer support and field services for the impact and thresholds of service key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Develop roadmap and operational recommendations to deliver short term efficiencies and scale business for the long term

Common Uses

  • Provide recommendations for present method of operations (PMO):
  • Assess current operations and systems
  • Identify gaps
  • Provide recommendations for future method of operations (FMO):
  • Define Future processes
  • Create organizational modifications and associated training plans
  • Establish KPIs and associated targets
  • Align future system architecture and requirements

Value to You

  • Creates an understanding and establishes an operational plan for company growth
  • Provides the most innovative, cost-effective means to successfully complete projects, improve and/or expand service and boost financial performance
  • Corrects inefficient processes and creates new processes
  • Evaluates automation options and work flows
  • Addresses organizational structures, operational roles and span of control for the growth of the business
  • Handles a larger and/or more diverse customer base while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and safely grow your business
  • Fresh and objective perspective


  • Highly responsive, flexible and nimble to meet rapidly changing needs of our clients
  • Unequaled hands-on experience from Vertek teams doing the work themselves day-to-day
  • Understanding of the variety of business models in the industry
  • In-depth understanding of telecom business, goals and values