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Mobility and M2M Ordering and Management

When it comes to mobility ordering and management, timeliness and accuracy are two of the most pressing objectives for an Enterprise or telecom expense management (TEM) organization. Navigating multiple portals, working with different contacts and sorting through the multiple options associated with new phones, M2M devices, new service plans, new accessories, and change of carrier, is labor intensive and fraught with complex and often error-prone processes.

Mobility Management

Vertek’s robust software as a service (SaaS) Mobility and M2M Ordering and Management tool will enable you to dramatically reduce the number of contacts you must make to obtain or change carrier products and services. We will provide an Enterprise or TEM provider one portal to access from one to many wireless carrier platforms via a single graphical user interface (GUI). Or, if you prefer to leverage our technology via another system, we can realize the same benefits by leveraging our robust and easy to use application programming interface (API). By normalizing all your mobility assets in our SaaS application, you will better leverage your resources, increase the accuracy of your Mobility and M2M orders and quickly optimize time-to-value.


  • SaaS-based Mobility and M2M Ordering and Management tool
  • Fully redundant and hosted in Vertek’s public cloud
  • One portal access to carrier products and services
  • Handles M2M connections
  • Choice of GUI or API interface
  • One tab to order all mobility products and services
  • Access to AT&T or Verizon – more carriers to come
  • Value-added software – license or integrated

Common Uses

  • Reduce number of portals in use
  • Manage all activations and de-activations
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase mobility and M2M ordering accuracy
  • Monitor usage of key connections

Value to You

  • Integration makes the process seamless to your user group
  • The pain of working directly with carriers is removed
  • Improved ability to activate and deactivate products and services
  • Process normalized across carriers
  • Better utilize human resources
  • Reduce user/carrier disputes
  • Decrease time and costs by streamlining and automating carrier purchases


  • Single view of Mobility assets
  • Ability to handle cell phones as well as M2M device
  • Ancillary tools that automate communication with carriers who do not have an API
  • Software expertise to connect our API and capabilities to your key systems