Vertek Selected by Tier One CLEC to Assist in Optimizing Service Assurance Approach

Focus on Optimizing Delivery and Improving Customer Satisfaction

Colchester, VT – April, 2014 – Vertek Corporation was chosen by a tier one CLEC to create and implement an effective ancillary triage flow for trouble tickets that allows for better matching of skill level with ticket complexity. Prior to Vertek’s involvement, the full spectrum of tickets coming into the CLEC’s NOC, from menial to complex, were allocated to its staff of experienced trouble-shooters. This process often resulted in the inefficient commitment of valuable resources to resolve relatively minor issues.

Initially, Vertek’s Consulting Resources determined how the triage flow and processes should work, and the Vertek Service Assurance BPO team executed ticket resolution based on the new processes in both a testing mode and then in a production mode. As a result, Vertek Consulting and Service Assurance BPO competencies were combined, and new processes were put in place that better categorized incoming trouble tickets and how they should be handled. The triage flow was then restructured to resolve issues more efficiently by routing tickets to appropriate staff for resolution. Routine issues were routed to lower-skilled resources, while more complex tickets were expedited to higher-skilled resources. All tickets are now handled faster at a lower cost per ticket.

Vertek is also leveraging its Service Assurance BPO team of specialists to augment the CLEC’s team, and play a key ongoing role in both the handling of tickets to improve the productivity of its Network Service Assurance operation and ongoing optimization.

New processes were proven before being implemented in production. Already, through Vertek’s efforts, the CLEC’s triage has been streamlined and all tickets are handled in a timely fashion. Maximum efficiency and productivity have resulted, and the CLEC’s highly skilled personnel are now freed up to handle significant issues, greatly improving cost efficiencies, morale and ultimately the customer experience.


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