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“Providing carriers with service delivery support options.”

Vertek’s experienced teams ramp quickly to launch new services, fix troubled services or augment your existing teams to ACCELERATE speed-to-market.

Get to Know our Services:

Experienced teams. Speed to market. Accelerate revenue.

Introduce new complex services faster with focused support from an experienced Vertek team. Speed to market accelerates revenue – reducing the delay of ramping up your internal service delivery capability with the option to transfer back in-house with improved operational processes when you are ready.

Vertek is the solution for supporting your complex services

Vertek works with all sizes of carriers to bring an “adopt and adapt” approach to improving your provisioning and deployment capabilities. Specializing in ordering for complex or bundled services, Vertek provides best practice insights and analytics that improve and enhance the service delivery processes.

Meet demand-side peaks without problematic backlogs

As a Capacity Center, Vertek’s experienced team enables you to meet demand-side peaks without problematic backlogs. Drive customer satisfaction while accelerating your revenue realization.

PMI-certified telecom professionals assure continuity of experience

A Vertek core competence drawing from a seasoned team of PMI-certified telecom professionals. The teams manage all aspects of the service delivery function – assuring continuity of experience for large multi-site projects. We drive schedule discipline and reporting to maintain firm grasp of project status and target completion dates.

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