Order Management Highway

i90 is a Carrier Agnostic, Software as a Service vehicle to manage your

Network Quoting, Ordering, Service Activations, Inventory,

Disputes, MACD’s, and Expense Management in one connected ecosystem.

Engineered to scale with you-
Drive your organization to the next
level and deliver any size opportunity
with confidence
→ Accelerated time to-market, in a platform purpose built for telecom
→ Scalable, easy to understand workflows
→ Automated handoffs & reduced swivel-chair activities
.    from quote through cash
→ Robust data & service order milestone capture points –
.    producing meaningful KPI’s for your business and customers

All in our simple to implement platform!

Need to completely offload a segment or all your order handling services?  We can help here too, with over 30 years of telecom experience standing behind us, plus we’ll work side by side with you in the i90 platform as you need it implemented

Get to Know our Platform:

Project Management functions are part of the workflow, not a swivel chair layer

Ingest orders directly from your CRM or CPQ platform while MACD flows update your Inventory & Order flows automatically & seamlessly, hyperscaling your OHC oversight.  Automation activities abound, from Order, to Inventory, to TEM, and back again.

Increased efficiency in mind everywhere you turn.  Boost your employees MPG

Configurable and memorized worklist views for each job activity, eliminate “lost” orders, and have your WIP directly connected to Inventory. Order multi edit allows you to update hundreds of records at once, while the ability to bulk create MACD’s and Disputes is sure to have your workforce & Customers singing your praises.

i90 has a lane for everyone

Holistic trends & inventory valuations for the C-Suite, real-time Single Source of Truth information for your OHC, or providing a read only access for your external customers complete with trigger notifications and in-platform communications.

Stop over-reporting your KPI’s- i90 is built to assign and measure workflow blockers based on your specific business encounters.

Worry free test drive your existing data in a pre-production sandbox.

Upload Customers, Products, Attributes, and Data Elements from our pre-built Inventory templates.  A Vertek engineer will assist you with your data mapping every step of the way.

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