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Managed Threat Intelligence

The escalating incidence of cyber attacks and security breaches, along with increased regulatory requirements, are straining IT departments across the spectrum of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Small and medium sized organizations face the same risks and regulations as larger organizations, yet typically lack the budgetary and human resources to perform adequate security in-house.

Frequently these organizations lack the technical controls, procedures or financial resources required to develop, staff and operate viable threat-monitoring and breach detection capabilities in-house.


The logical alternative is for these organizations to outsource those capabilities, and Vertek’s Managed Threat Intelligence Solution is able to provide them with premium actionable threat intelligence services at an affordable price.

Services []

Managed Threat Intelligence as a Service:

Includes these components:

  • Baseline security assessment
  • Managed SIEM & Threat Management Platform
    • Security Information Event Monitoring (SIEM)
    • Critical Asset Inventory
    • Service Monitoring
    • Network and Endpoint Intrusion Detection
    • Vulnerability Scanning
    • Alarm and Event Ticketing
    • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Outsourced Cybersecurity Operations Center (CSOC)
    • Managed SIEM
    • Incident Response
    • 24x7x365 Continuous Threat Monitoring and Alerting
    • Threat Feeds, Event Tuning, and Patching
    • Remediation Guidance
    • Change Validation
    • Severity Based SLAs
    • Performance, Threat and Compliance Reporting
    • Monthly Virtual IT Security Analyst/Officer Guidance

Common Uses

  • Identify known malicious entities probing system
  • Identify compromised systems
  • Identify unpatched software, known to be vulnerable
  • Identify potentially insecure behaviors
  • Detect latest attack payloads on your network
  • Perform continuous updates, monitoring and compliance reporting
  • Help instruct your IT staff on how and when to respond

Value to You

  • Provides actionable threat intelligence to organizations which have insufficient resources and technology
  • Threat Management Intelligence being performed by security experts who maintain industry proficiency
  • A continuous view of your security posture and risk profile
  • Continuous learnings and improvements based on multiple customers and industry changes
  • Access to systems, tools and processes that will improve IT operations
  • Easier to maintain compliance
  • More efficient utilization of internal IT staff
  • No upfront outlay of capital – predictable operating expenses
  • Significant ROI over in-house alternative


  • Leverages Vertek’s 28 years of security, software, telecom and IT solutions experience
  • 20+ years of substantial investment in Vertek’s security, processes and core competencies on behalf of traditional large enterprise clients are now available to small and medium size organization
  • Easily understood monthly service fee
  • Delivers a complete drop-in solution independent of IT environment
  • Provides not only threat management intelligence data, but also actionable, “so what” conclusions
  • Over 50 years of combined IT and security experience, maintains highest level industry security certifications
  • Veterans who understand the unique challenges of multiple industry verticals