Sell Fully-Managed Cybersecurity Solutions That Customers Trust

Expand your portfolio and protect customers with a superior Managed Detection and Response, and Managed Threat Intelligence Services.

The Next Big Addition to Your Portfolio

If these opportunities sound familiar, it’s time to start selling Vertek cybersecurity.

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Your customers are seeking a customized solution for high-end security monitoring.

Verek provides top-notch security engineering and real subject-matter experts for discerning companies.

Capitalize on the Cybersecurity Market Opportunity

Your customers are seeking to understand what their options are around Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Extended Detection and Response (XDR). Vertek can help. We custom-fit our partnership to your unique needs and serve as an extension of your team. During the onboarding process we will create a partnership strategy and plan that answers these questions:

  • How and where will we add EDR, MDR, or XDR into our portfolio to attract more clients?

  • How will we accelerate revenue growth and managed cybersecurity sales?

  • How and where will we bundle Vertek MDR and MTI into existing services and solutions to create more value for clients?

  • How can we leverage our existing resources to market, sell, deliver and support cybersecurity solutions?

  • How can we add more value to clients by providing actionable business intelligence and greater insights into threats and risks?

We partner with your organization and enable your team to navigate the nuances of marketing and selling cybersecurity solutions, helping you to reduce sales cycles and costs.

Three Ways to Partner With Vertek

Regardless of your business model, Vertek has a partnership option that is right for you.



Are you an MSP or Solution Provider with customers looking for superior managed cybersecurity services and advanced threat intelligence? Partner with Vertek to provide enhanced managed services today.



Are you working with a company that could benefit from proactive managed cybersecurity services, or do you work as a independent cybersecurity advisor? Join Vertek’s referral partner program today.



Are you a Master Agent or Agent with customers seeking highly responsive and value added managed cybersecurity services? Join our agent program today.

Signs You’re Ready to Partner With Vertek

It’s important for you to believe you are ready to add a new solution into your portfolio.
Use this checklist to see if Vertek’s managed cybersecurity is the right fit:

  • Your clients need EDR, MDR, a SIEM, or managed cybersecurity – and more importantly, are asking for it!

  • You’ve already identified opportunities for selling EDR, MDR, or managed cybersecurity.

  • You understand the value of enterprise-wide detection and response and managed SOC services.

  • You need the expertise of an MSSP to succeed in selling managed threat intelligence.

  • You’re looking to add an additional revenue stream from a tried-and-true partner.

If these statements ring true, you are ready for a trusted partner
that can expand your existing offerings and accelerate your success.

A Partnership Creating Growth Velocity & Value

Your customers have high expectations for the solutions they purchase. Customers are seeking proactive, highly responsive, and superior managed cybersecurity solutions and are trying to understand if they should invest in EDR, MDR, XDR, or other technologies and services that defend and protect their business, while creating tangible business value. At the same time, today’s threat landscape and business climate is leading customers to seek greater levels of actionable intelligence and analytics that help them make rapid decisions to reduce or eliminate risks and threats. A partnership with Vertek creates growth velocity for your business and generates greater value for your customers.


Benefits of participating in the Vertek partner program include:

Training, enablement, best practices, and opportunity-coaching around positioning and selling cybersecurity solutions

Proven, effective marketing materials, collateral, research, white papers, and social media content

Monthly recurring services fees that are easy to understand, package, and sell

Rapidly deployable managed SIEM and SOC-as-a-service solution addressing on-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployments

Managed threat intelligence data that is combined with global threat feeds and consolidated into actionable data and recommendations

Managed SIEM and SOC-as-a-service support provided by senior analysts and engineers that have the highest levels of security industry certifications and experience

Reach out to experience the Vertek difference today and discover why partners across the Nation trust Vertek with their clients.

What Our Partners Say About Our High Quality Service

  • The Vertek team is likeable, easy to engage, and responsive. Their ability to deliver a white-glove approach made it easy to give my customers what they need.

  • Vertek’s service is comprehensive. They offer price consistency and flexibility; and their price to value is solid.

  • There’s a huge economic advantage to outsourced SIEM/SOC services. Reduced costs and consistent pricing made Vertek a no-brainer for providing managed threat intelligence to my customers.

  • The detail within Vertek’s portal is unmatched. The information is both comprehensive and able to be distilled down to an actionable level.