We specialize in MDR

Vertek offers managed security services to businesses of all sizes (SMB, Enterprise, and Service Providers) at a competitive price.

Full Spectrum TDR, EDR, NDR and XDR Coverage

Every business needs capabilities to understand where they are VULNERABLE and capabilities to DETECT and RECOVER from specialized threats such as ransomware and other types of cybersecurity attacks.

As you move up service tiers, additional security visibility, coverage and capabilities unlock

Level 1
Vertek's Level 1 MDR service provides managed vulnerability assessment and 24x7 threat detection & response.
This monthly turn-key service bundle includes a subscription to CYRYSIMA's Risk Management Platform co-managed by Vertek.
Level 2
Vertek's Level 2 MDR service provides specialized 24x7 managed ransomware threat detection & response.
This monthly turn-key service bundle includes a subscription to Halcyon's Anti-Ransomware Platform co-managed by Vertek.
Level 3
Vertek's Level 3 MDR service actively monitors and respond to threats 24x7 found on customer licensed individual security products or SIEM platform.
This monthly turn-key service can "flex" to monitor and respond to threats on 500+ security products.
Co-managed Microsoft Intune, Defender and Sentinel available.
Level 4
Vertek's Level 4 MDR service provides a 24x7 fully outsourced unified view of security data from across the IT environment.
This monthly turn-key service bundle includes a subscription to AT&T Cybersecurity's Unified Security Management Anywhere (USMA) Platform co-managed by Vertek.

Security Platform Partners:

All MDR services are powered by Vertek's US-Based SOC and include a Vertek proprietary client portal, reports and analytics, DevSecOps integration, playbooks and security orchestration, custom threat intel, 24x7 human-triage and a monthly analyst-led security review.

Security Compliance

Monitoring and reporting, generating evidence artifacts for auditors

Incident Detection

Tuning noisy and non-security related events that cause alarm fatigue

Security Resources

Deploying security orchestration and custom threat detection

Automated Response

Deploying security orchestration and custom threat detection

Demand More From Standard SIEM Analytics

Vertek’s Managed Detection and Response Security Operations team uses proven NIST-based incident response playbooks and superior security engineering resources to help enhance your team’s ability to detect, respond, and remediate threats. We provide actionable response and remediation guidance support you with monthly reporting that tracks alerts, threats, remediation and ticket status.

Top reasons customers choose Vertek:

  • I need dedicated security focus, visibility, and analytics

  • I need help managing the “flood” of security events

  • I need outside security expertise to augment existing staff

  • I need assistance meeting regulatory or compliance requirements

  • I need to detect non-compliance violations and system or service audit failures

  • I need to develop cyber incident and response (IR) capabilities in weeks – not months

What Our Clients and Partners Say About Our High Quality Service

  • The Vertek team is likeable, easy to engage, and responsive. Their ability to deliver a white-glove approach made it easy to give my customers what they need.

  • Vertek’s service is comprehensive. They offer price consistency and flexibility; and their price to value is solid.

  • There’s a huge economic advantage to outsourced SIEM/SOC services. Reduced costs and consistent pricing made Vertek a no-brainer for providing managed threat intelligence to my customers.

  • The detail within Vertek’s portal is unmatched. The information is both comprehensive and able to be distilled down to an actionable level.

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