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Demand Value: Remove Risk & Complexity With Managed Cybersecurity Solutions

Research shows that many security incidents often go undetected. Not only do we continuously detect attacks and threats – we take it a step further and provide proactive remediation guidance and actionable intelligence to remove risk out of the business while helping to continuously improve your cybersecurity program and posture.

SIEM as a Service

With SIEM (Security Information Event Management), we collect and aggregate security related event data from critical internal and external log sources to gain better visibility into security-related risks across your network, applications, facilities, and business. From there, we identify and validate the real threats and risks to your business.

  • Incident Detection
  • Automated Response
  • Security Compliance
  • Security Resources

SOC as a Service

We provide superior security operations center (SOC) services for comprehensive threat detection, analysis, and response. Your team can rest easy knowing cybersecurity issues are fielded, researched, and handled around the clock.

  • Security Technology Management
  • Security Operations Management
  • Compliance Assurance, Reporting
  • Threat & Event Research, Investigation, Hunting
  • Incident Reporting

Analytics as a Service

Without visibility into attacks, threats and risks, it’s impossible to measure, control and mitigate risk, capture return on investment, and continuously improve your program to drive positive business outcomes. Through analysis, customized reporting, and actionable intelligence, we help companies advance their cyber-maturity, realize business value, and get to the next level.

  • Asset & Risk Documentation, Tracking, Reporting
  • Remediation & Resolution Tracking, Reporting
  • Attack, Threat, Risk Trending, Remediation Reporting
  • Audit Trail & Reporting for Compliance



Managed AlienVault Through
Managed Threat Intelligence

AT&T Cybersecurity’s AlienVault Unified Security Management solution combines powerful SIEM and log management capabilities with other essential security functions. AlienVault allows for the centralized security monitoring of cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments – all from a single integrated platform and can be accessed and viewed through a single pane of glass.

No two businesses are alike, though, and
managing AlienVault can be a complex undertaking.

As an AT&T Cybersecurity AlienVault Platinum Partner, we are committed to helping organizations realize greater value and maximize the business impact from AlienVault deployments. Our experts will help you address these common issues:

  • Ongoing SIEM tuning and management to eliminate noisy and non-security related event alerts

  • SIEM optimization to ensure platform features and reporting function as expected, to address compliance and security requirements

  • Security event orchestration and reporting customization, to provide actionable intelligence

  • Access to expert security and compliance resources to address a lack of internal team time, experience, capabilities