Optimize Cyber Risk Management

Vertek riskMDR powered by CYRISMA allows you to discover, understand, mitigate, and manage cyber risk with efficiency and speed.

Stay ahead of the risks before they evolve into active threats!

Risk Management Platform Capabilities

Cyrisma’s Data Sensitivity Scanning can find and protect your sensitive data. Cyrisma will scan for sensitive data like financial information, credit card data, SSNs, and more.

Cyrismas’s Dark Web Monitoring allows you to see if your organizations data has been leaked to the dark web. Cyrismas platform actively tracks your organizations IP address, domains and email addresses to predict and prevent from cyberattacks.

Cyrisma’s score cards takes the information that uses the latest scans of your IT environment and assets. The score card is than put on a dashboard and can be shared with stakeholders.

Cyrismas platform can both detect and mitigate vulnerabilities in your system. Cyrisma’s platform can also deploy patches for these vulnerabilities.

Cyrisma’s platform can give you an estimate of the financial impact if your business suffers a cyberattack. Cyrisma gives this estimate based off of the risk levels your organization is facing.

Cyrisma’s Platform can offer your organization risk assesments which contain all the key findings from: external/internal vulnerability assessments, data sensitivity scanning, external web app testing, secure configurations, dark web monitoring and risk monetization.

Cyrisma’s Secure Baseline can identifiy and fix weak configurations in your operating systems. The purpose of these scans are to find configuration gaps and security weaknesses in operating systems.

Cyrisma’s Risk Mitigation takes the proper steps to make sure any weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your systems are appropriately taken care of. The Risk Mitigation process is followed after the vulnerability assessment process.


Knowing what vulnerabilities exist within the business can help prioritize what needs to be controlled and what needs to be monitored.

Vertek’s security operations center adds integration and capabilities with leading SIEM, SOAR (500+ security product IR integrations, playbooks, IT, and case management), full platform API integration with CYRISMA, 24×7 end to end incident response for any security related alarms (including co-managed CYRISMA risk-based alarms), risk reporting and documentation, and monthly analyst-led security reviews.

This service scenario creates the ideal outcome for the business as it can provide the business nearly 100% coverage from cyber-attacks.

How the Risk Management Process Works


The discovery stage is where we identify any weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your business that can put you at risk. RiskMDR identifies these risks through vulnerability scans, sensitive data discovery, and secure configuration assessments. RiskMDR’s platform utilizes both internal and external scans this allows us to have a complete idea of both risks from inside your organization and anything from outside your organization that be a risk. 


The understand stage is the process of getting a clear understanding of where your business stands with their security posture in the case of a cyber-attack. During this stage Vertek will deep dive into your scan and assessment results and identify which assets and applications are the most at risk. Once we have a clear understanding of where you stand, we can move onto the next stage which is mitigate those risks. 


The mitigation stage is the process of getting you to a better security posture than you were before. During this stage Vertek will give you actionable recommendations for remediation. Vertek can than come in and help you put these recommendations into effect. 


The manage stage is when RiskMDR  will continually get easy-to-track mitigation plans, automated reporting, and risk monetization. On Vertek’s side we will continually manage your solutions to make sure you continuously have the best security possible. 

Why riskMDR?

riskMDR is a cloud-delivers solution that make discovering and mitigating risks easier for customers.  It helps customers get a better understanding of how they can stay protected against threats. 


riskMDR offers multiple risk management capabilities that are in included in one easy to use dashboard. riskMDR  makes it easy for Vertek’s SOC to manage as well. Together we can come up with a strategic plan to mitigate risks and ensure you have a stronger security posture.