Many organizations lack the resources to effectively detect, analyze, and respond to threats. Our experienced security analysts continuously provide threat detection, analysis, and response so you only get notified when there’s a real threat – and know the appropriate action to take.

We eliminate the noise and help you identify and prioritize threats that put your business at risk

Vertek’s threat detection tools, proprietary process, analytics, and expertise can help identify malicious activity.

Using our SIEM/IDS/vulnerability tool analytics, we can provide alarm, asset, user activity, security events, policy violation reports, and more.

Vertek’s security operation center (SOC) activities and reports are tracked, reviewed, and communicated monthly.

Tickets, alarms, maintenance, incident response, and monthly activities are all logged, tracked, and available on Vertek’s client portal.

Vertek fulfills third-party assessment and 24/7 cyber monitoring – core elements of any compliance or regulatory initiative.

Evidence related to tools, monitoring, and assessment are delivered and tracked on our client portal. We’ll help you stay compliant with various regulations including FISMA, HIPAA, ISO 27001/2, and PCI.

Vertek’s incident report templates are used to document a perceived breach or significant security risk to our clients.

We provide a report including incident type, perceived risks and severity, and specific event details. We can also provide a technical analysis of the event given access to the information required to do so.



Top reasons why organizations leverage Vertek

  • I need dedicated security focus, visibility, and analytics

  • I need help managing the “flood” of security events

  • I need outside security expertise to augment existing staff

  • I need assistance meeting regulatory or compliance requirements

  • I need to detect non-compliance violations and system or service audit failures

  • I need to develop cyber incident and response (IR) capabilities in weeks – not months

What Our Clients and Partners Say About Our High Quality Service

  • The Vertek team is likeable, easy to engage, and responsive. Their ability to deliver a white-glove approach made it easy to give my customers what they need.

  • Vertek’s service is comprehensive. They offer price consistency and flexibility; and their price to value is solid.

  • There’s a huge economic advantage to outsourced SIEM/SOC services. Reduced costs and consistent pricing made Vertek a no-brainer for providing managed threat intelligence to my customers.

  • The detail within Vertek’s portal is unmatched. The information is both comprehensive and able to be distilled down to an actionable level.

All the benefits of a world-class SIEM, experts to configure and manage it, plus a Security Operations Center to monitor it 24×7

Managed Threat Intelligence SIEMaaS and SOCaaS
Baseline inventory scanning and asset registration Included
Baseline vulnerability environment scanning Included
Baseline event correlation, tuning and alarm trimming Included
Basic threat dashboard and report creation Advanced
SIEM tuning Continuously
Vulnerability Scanning Weekly
Network IDS and Endpoint Monitoring Included
Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) Included
SIEM Alarm Monitoring and Analysis Included
Remediation Guidance Included
Lifecycle and Compliance Report Management Included
Service/Security Review Monthly

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