SIEM as a Service


We’ll help you do more than leverage security technology just to monitor traffic, authenticate users, protect data, and prevent malware. Vertek normalizes vulnerability and threat data into actionable intelligence and provides response services that eliminate threats to your business.

Unlock the full potential of a SIEM

A Security Information Event Management (SIEM) platform is essential for organizations that are ready to advance their information security program and reduce risk.

The SIEM provides a single pane of glass for security management by aggregating logs from cloud and on-premises technologies. Different members of your organization can leverage SIEM in different ways:

Security Engineers
Create alarm, filtering/suppression, notification, and in some cases response rules to automate incident response actions and stop threats in real-time.
Security Analysts
Perform threat hunting activities and investigate security alarms and surrounding events.
Security/Risk Officers
Provide report evidence for system security assessments and compliance audits.

We tune, manage, monitor, and add threat detection, alerting, and response services to SIEM deployments in over a dozen verticals. Vertek specializes in…

Security Compliance

Monitoring and reporting, generating evidence artifacts for auditors

Incident Detection

Tuning noisy and non-security related events that cause alarm fatigue

Security Resources

Deploying security orchestration and custom threat detection

Automated Response

Deploying security orchestration and custom threat detection



Demand More From Standard SIEM Analytics

SIEM is included in our comprehensive Managed Threat Intelligence offering. We can also layer Managed Threat Intelligence services on top of existing AlienVault deployments.

Top reasons customers choose Vertek:

  • I need dedicated security focus, visibility, and analytics

  • I need help managing the “flood” of security events

  • I need outside security expertise to augment existing staff

  • I need assistance meeting regulatory or compliance requirements

  • I need to detect non-compliance violations and system or service audit failures

  • I need to develop cyber incident and response (IR) capabilities in weeks – not months

What Our Clients and Partners Say About Our High Quality Service

  • The Vertek team is likeable, easy to engage, and responsive. Their ability to deliver a white-glove approach made it easy to give my customers what they need.

  • Vertek’s service is comprehensive. They offer price consistency and flexibility; and their price to value is solid.

  • There’s a huge economic advantage to outsourced SIEM/SOC services. Reduced costs and consistent pricing made Vertek a no-brainer for providing managed threat intelligence to my customers.

  • The detail within Vertek’s portal is unmatched. The information is both comprehensive and able to be distilled down to an actionable level.

All the benefits of a world-class SIEM, experts to configure and manage it, plus a Security Operations Center to monitor it 24×7

Managed Threat Intelligence SIEMaaS and SOCaaS
Baseline inventory scanning and asset registration Included
Baseline vulnerability environment scanning Included
Baseline event correlation, tuning and alarm trimming Included
Basic threat dashboard and report creation Advanced
SIEM tuning Continuously
Vulnerability Scanning Weekly
Network IDS and Endpoint Monitoring Included
Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) Included
SIEM Alarm Monitoring and Analysis Included
Remediation Guidance Included
Lifecycle and Compliance Report Management Included
Service/Security Review Monthly

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