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Partner Management

Developing a successful and scalable business model that meets the needs of the market depends on key partnerships that enrich the solution offering. Efficient management of these partnerships is critical to support customer satisfaction and sustain overall financials and brand. Inevitably, disputes with partners will occur and can drain your business of increasingly important time and resources if not proactively managed.

Partner Assurance

Vertek can enable you to maximize the customer experience, drive new revenue and manage costs with powerful solutions that combine industry leading talent, proven and flexible solutions and robust processes. Our Partner Management solution combines intelligent analytics and reporting tools in a sleek, hosted web portal. The service, leveraged by our professional analytics staff, enables us to deliver a robust system that effectively manages all aspects of third-party partnerships.

Vertek’s experts specifically provide and support direction, analysis and processes for dispute settlement and internal system and process controls. You’ll gain control and visibility into the performance of partnerships, saving revenue and retaining customers.


  • Define procedures for any new/existing partner implementation and maintenance
  • Define a scalable operational model for existing and future relationships
  • Monitoring, analytics and reporting of key financial and operational information against contractual terms and internal policies
  • Intelligent analytics and reporting including tracking/trending invoice settlements, disputes, high-level performance metrics/goals, data synchronization and subscriber/ transaction base analysis, issue tracking and key financial information
  • Management of monthly data receipt, normalization, analysis, reporting updates, issue management and resolution between service providers and partners
  • Proactively monitor control points and fallout in order to minimize exposure
  • Proactively monitor and maintain shared processes
  • Facilitate impartial operational discussions, discrepancy resolution and overall communication between partners
  • Provide contractual framework for future partnerships to maximize ease of performance management

Common Uses

  • Resolve on-going partner conflicts
  • Monitor the on-boarding of all partnerships and highlight immediate areas of concern
  • Monitor key operations, process steps, hand-offs and discrepancies
  • Identify and report root cause issues that help to save revenue and retain customers
  • Gain control and visibility into the performance of partnerships
  • Optimize partnership on/off boarding processes

Value to You

  • Independent common view for all stakeholders
  • Controls financial adjustments and disputes
  • Utilizes industry-proven contractual best practices
  • Ensures easy rollout of offerings and ongoing customer satisfaction related to partnerships
  • Decreases time-to-market while implementing best practice controls


  • Hosted delivery model for lower deployment and IT costs —no annual software fees and elimination of OSS/BSS integration work
  • Managed service solution that combines Vertek’s skilled professional staff, robust, analytical tools and proven methodologies, providing clients with actionable intelligence that corrects systems and effectively manages all aspects of third-party partnerships
  • Vertek’s experts specifically provide and support direction, analysis and processes for dispute settlement, internal system use, contract evaluation and process controls
  • Vertek Partner Management identifies measurable key performance indicators [KPIs] in developing a scalable and flexible platform solution that includes dynamic business rule generation, tracking and reporting