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Revenue Operations

Predictable and profitable revenue is the lifeblood of your business. Communications managers often find themselves challenged with ensuring that their revenue systems are functioning at 100%. This can lead to discrepancies and errors that accumulate over time. More often than not, an investigation into your revenue operations will uncover hidden issues that are costing you money.


Vertek can identify and correct data and billing discrepancies within the systems that impact your revenue streams. We can help you rectify systemic issues and clean up backlogs. Our experienced revenue assurance team brings a broad understanding of client systems and processes as well as carrier billing and cost management They will pinpoint the root cause of errors and omissions and often will identify issues that are impacting your revenue performance that are not visible to you, creating further value.


  • Identification and/or fixing of data and billing discrepancies within systems impacting revenue streams
  • Automated and manual approaches to research and corrective activities
  • Revenue assurance project types encompass a breadth of areas, such as:
    • Contract to Bill
    • Inventory to Bill
    • Usage-based services
    • Margin analysis
    • A/R clean-up
    • Discord clean-up
    • Contra revenue audits
  • On-going (recurring) processes versus on-time audits based on client needs and project scope

Common Uses

  • Revenue assurance
  • Inventory clean-up and billing resolution
  • Forward- and back-billing revenue restoration
  • Root cause analysis to fix the revenue stream
  • Internal process redesign and optimization

Value to You

  • Ensure billing accuracy and optimization
  • Receive process improvement recommendations
  • Realize revenue through corrective activities initiated in billing systems
  • Drive process changes impacting future revenue streams through root cause analysis


  • Experienced revenue assurance team with broad understanding of client systems and processes
  • Able to identify unknown issues impacting overall revenue performance
  • Highly responsive, flexible and responsive to meet rapidly changing needs of our clients
  • Proven results for over 25 years