The State of Your

Business Could be at

Risk Without the

Proper Cybersecurity

The Cost of Cybercrime is Projected

to Reach 10.5 Trillion by 2025 (Forbes)


Cybercrime and Cyber Insecurity is in

the Top 10 Rankings of the Most Severe

Global Risks over the Next Decade

(World Economic Forum)


The Average cost of a Data Breach

was 4.35 Million USD in 2023 (IBM)


Don’t Miss out on the Best

Protection for Your Business!

The State of Cybersecurity

Every business needs capabilities to identify & respond to threats
Every business has risk factors related to their technology and how users interact with it

For most organizations, its impossible to be experts at everything

What's Included

AT&T’s Unified Security Management Anywhere (USM-A) Product
Vertek Client Portal, Ticketing Platform and SOC Tools (e.g., forensics, malware,
reconnaissance, analytics, etc.)
Security Operations
Vertek 24/7 Security Operations Center
Service Analytics
Vertek Monthly MDR Reporting
Account Management
Vertek Quarterly Account Review

✓ Managed threat detection & response tools

✓ Human security alarm triage

✓ Human response guidance

✓ Monthly security operations MDR reporting

✓ Quarterly technical account review

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threatMDR Product Included: Simplifying the Security Stack

As Required by Regulators = Providing a Layered Approach to Cybersecurity

Know where the vulnerabilities are on your assets to avoid compromise

Know who and what is connected to your environment

Know when suspicious activities happen in your environment

Continuously monitor your endpoints in the cloud and on premises to detect threats and changes to critical files

Identify suspicious behavior and potentially compromised systems

Correlate and analyze security event data from across your network and respond

Pre-built, customizable reports for regulation standards and compliance frameworks

AT&T USM Anywhere Threat Labs, Emerging Threats Pro, Joval Continuous Monitoring, Vertek OTX, PhishTank, IPQuality Score & VirusTotal

A Unified Security Platform for Threat Detection Incident Response & Compliance

Services Backed by Monthly Analyst-Led Security Reviews

Review Detection

Operational Transparency:
✓ True Positives alarms by intent and time of day provide a window into the types of attacks your business is facing
✓ True Positives strategies by time of day provide a valuable approach to your overall security plan
✓ Alarms by severity provides a quick reference into your security posture
✓ True positive alarm trends provides visibility into when more resources and focus may be needed

Review Response

Concise, Informative, Actionable:
✓ Average Center pick up time by severity
✓ Alarms resolution trend information
✓ Alarm deflection percentage
✓ Average resolution time by severity
✓ Alarms communicated by month

Document and Track

Monthly Incident and Action Dashboard:
✓ Deployment status & Environmental Changes
✓ Outstanding and important alarms, vulnerabilities
✓ Service tuning and maintence tickets
✓ SIEM total events and statistics
✓ Document network changes | critical vulnerabilities
✓ Generate and track client & Vertek action items
✓ Critical prioritization and remediation guidance
✓ Track Client Signoff on SIEM filtering and Supression