Vertek Sponsors 4th Annual North Country Cybersecurity Conference


October 14th, 2022

Organized by: Cristian Balan, CISSP, Coordinator of the Center for Cybersecurity at SUNY Plattsburgh

Vertek was a proud sponsor of the 4th Annual North Country Cybersecurity Conference. Some of our team members attended the conference and gave a presentation on “Why We SOAR”. Overall, it was an informative conference with great attendance and networking opportunities. There were many alumni and students present. Several alumni even contributed their own presentations. We look forward to attending and presenting again next year.

Thank you, SUNY Plattsburgh!

Vertek Attendees (left to right): Bruce Haskin, Jordan Suprenant, George Rhodes, Jeremy Fithian, Derrick Farmer

“Why We SOAR” – by George Rhodes, Senior Security Analyst

Summary: How the integration of SOAR capabilities can lead to increased efficiency and productivity in an existing SOC environment. Plus, an introduction to how SIEM and SOAR systems function in a typical SOC for prospective students.

  • SOAR can eliminate many of the repetitive and straightforward tasks that analysts perform on a day-to-day basis.
  • SOAR provides a more streamlined workflow by integrating output from many separate services into a single platform with standardized output.
  • Allows analysts to better focus their efforts on more important tasks, and more quickly gather relevant information.
  • By integrating a SOAR platform into our SOC environment, we have seen the benefits of the technology firsthand.

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