The Top 4 Reasons Why Organizations Like Yours Leverage Vertek for Cybersecurity

The number of data breaches through the end of Q3 2021 exceeded the total number of events in all of 2020 by 17%.

Today’s cyber criminals have learned to capitalize on vulnerabilities created by hybrid workforces and understaffed IT and security departments. These more advanced threats have led to successful breaches and have proven to be challenging for many businesses to mitigate.

The number of publicly-reported data breaches through the end of Q3 2021 exceeded the total number of events in all of 2020 by 17%.1 Over 18 Billion records have been exposed since January of 2021. With breaches on an upward trend, smart organizations are turning to managed security service providers (MSSPs) for expert help.

Not all MSSPs are created equal – just like not all IT and Security teams are created equal. At Vertek, we do more than leverage security technology to just monitor traffic, authenticate users, protect data, and prevent cyber attacks. We provide visibility into threats, detection, prevention, and response activities like no other provider. Here are four reasons why businesses like yours leverage Vertek for cybersecurity:

1. We Have a Dedicated Security Focus

While Vertek has been around for over 30 years, and we do provide Telecom Operations and Custom Software Development services for some of the largest Master Agents and Global Carriers in the world, Vertek’s Managed Security division offers world-class, comprehensive Managed Detection and Response, and Managed Threat Intelligence solutions that continuously detect, investigate, validate, and respond to attacks and threats. Our Managed Threat Intelligence service provides full visibility and analytics into threats across the enterprise, from endpoint devices and remote locations to your headquarters and cloud environments. It also provides insight into Security Operations and client IT team detection, alerting, and response performance, and the overall value and effectiveness of the cybersecurity program, and resources.

2. We Help Manage the Flood of Modern Security Events

Threats of all kinds are expected to increase in the immediate future. Ransomware costs alone are predicted to reach $265 billion by 20312 – and many organizations simply don’t have the resources to take on all these attacks on their own. Our threat detection tools, proactive threat hunting, and proprietary research and forensic process, analytics, and expertise can help identify malicious activity and prevent the spread of ransomware or other strains of malware. Recently, we assisted a client with identifying and shutting down a well crafted data exfiltration attack that had bypassed their endpoint detection and data loss prevention technologies. We were able to reverse engineer the ransomware and shut down the attack while building the evidence and information required to assist the FBI with their investigation and response.

3. We Augment Your Existing Staff With Security Expertise

Not every organization has an internal security team – and if you do, it’s difficult and expensive to provide the training required to keep up with all of today’s current threats. Even if you have security expertise on staff, most resources are overburdened and lack the time and resources to do proactive threat hunting, forensic investigations, and to reverse engineer malware or other attacks. Vertek’s Managed Detection and Response, and Managed Threat Intelligence services are staffed with industry experts that are trained and tooled up to perform these types of information security tasks. Our services are purpose built for organizations seeking advanced security monitoring, detection, and response services that can help evolve and optimize existing cybersecurity programs and posture.

4. We Help Organizations Meet Regulatory and Compliance Requirements

Vertek’s Managed Detection and Response, and Managed Threat Intelligence solutions include the threat and behavioral alerting, tracking, remediation auditing, and reporting required to meet regulatory compliance requirements. The majority of regulations require logging and monitoring from a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform and 24/7 incident monitoring across the entire enterprise. Something that endpoint detection and response solutions (EDR) are lacking. All of the logging, reporting, and evidence associated with our service is stored and made available to clients (and auditors) via our single pane of glass client portal. 

Trust Vertek Managed Detection & Response and Managed Threat Intelligence to Keep You Secure

To stay protected from advanced cybersecurity threats, organizations need solutions that go beyond the basic security monitoring and alerting that is often found in endpoint detection and response (EDR) and less robust managed detection and response (MDR) solutions from other MSSPs. Vertek’s Managed Detection and Response coupled with our Managed Threat Intelligence service provides 24/7 monitoring, tuning, management of a world-class SIEM, threat hunting, forensic investigations, monthly reporting and dashboards, and advanced analytics. We’re here to augment your existing staff and maximize the value of your cybersecurity and IT investments. Reach out to Vertek to get started with the protection you deserve.