Vertek and Site Tech Services Deliver Comprehensive IT and Cybersecurity Solutions to Auto Dealerships

Vertek and Site Tech Services Deliver Comprehensive IT and Cybersecurity Solutions to Auto Dealerships

Partners triaged, analyzed and successfully remediated over 1,000 security alarms across more than a hundred auto dealerships in the last 90 days

Vertek Corporation, a leading provider of end-to-end Managed Security (MSSP) and Telecom Operations Services, and Site Tech Services, an IT Managed Services Provider (MSP), have forged a strategic full-service best-in-class IT and cybersecurity services partnership. The partnership has seen particular success in the multi-site auto dealership space, with highly secure and scalable digital infrastructure that meets both the expectations of an increasingly online customer base and future dealer expansions.

“Our goal has always been to ensure our customers have the right mix of security products and services to strengthen their cybersecurity defenses. Partnering with Site Tech Services empowers our auto dealership customers with the confidence they need to embrace the latest technologies that enable business, knowing their digital assets are protected,” said Ron Hruby, Vertek’s Chief Operations Officer.

The partnership marries Vertek’s cybersecurity expertise with Site Tech Services’ managed IT and cloud services to offer a comprehensive suite that allows customers to optimize their operations and streamline customer interactions while fortifying their cyber defenses against evolving threats. As auto dealerships struggle with the complexity of seamlessly integrating technological solutions into their operations, Vertek and Site Tech Services address this sector’s unique needs with bundled services tailored to each customer to navigate evolving security, cloud, compliance and regulatory landscape.

As technology and cybersecurity remain paramount, this strategic partnership paves the way for auto dealerships to forge ahead with unwavering confidence. With enhanced value, integrated services, scalability and regulatory adherence, Vertek and Site Tech Services aim to reshape the auto dealership industry with new standards for success.

“We rely on Vertek to help provide a leading-edge security solution for not only our internal needs but also the needs of our clients. Our combined solutions offer a best-in-class solution to defend against the extreme threats of today’s cyber landscape. We look forward to our continued relationship to assist us in delivering leading-edge security solutions to our clients,” said Mark DiGregorio, Site Tech Services’ President.

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